Palm Oil

C.I. Tequendama S.A.S. is the Daabon company dedicated to the production, processing, and commercialisation of palm oil world wide. The product is delivered to the market in unique environmental conditions and production activities which have been managed to be harmonised with the agricultural activities, with efficient stage processing and preservation of important natural areas. Our plantations are surrounded by the largest dry relict forest in the region.

The plantations from which we obtain our fresh fruit bunches are located on the flatlands of the North and South-Eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, the most important independent mountain range from the Andes of the country, and in the South of the Bolivar department, an area located in the Magdalena river basin.

More than 4,000 hectares are managed with strict organic farming criteria; absence of inputs obtained by chemical synthesis, integrated pest management (cultural practices, and entomopathogenic application), recycling of nutrients, weed plant propagation, among other practices that contribute to maintain a balanced and healthy agroecosystem.

We deliver the market a clean oil from any chemical or impurity trace, this is achieved not only by the harvesting and cultivation practices, but by our extraction and refining methods, that are preformed by physical processing (high temperatures and pressure), without the use of any deodorising or bleaching products. Beyond this, the natural characteristics of palm oil allow the separation of liquid and solid components, for the production of margarine, without hydrogenation a process directly related to the undesirable presence of cholesterol and triglycerides in oils.

Our products are not only obtained in unmatchable agronomic and industrial conditions, but also, in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, we have been able to radiate the benefit of the palm to a farming population through the productive Las Alianzas program, which have been of great success in the introduction of small farmer's organic oilseeds into international markets. Today we total more than 200 families with approximately 2,000 hectares.

Daabon assumes the commitment of sharing its agronomic knowledge to maintain the same principles of ecological production, commercialising the product into the markets, at a price floor that protects the producer from the market fluctuations and promotes organisational strength.

This form of palm oil production, in favour of the natural resources and its people, was recognised by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil - RSPO - in 2010 and certified C.I. Tequendama S.A.S. as the first Latin American company to comply with the princples and criterias of RSPO. Other certifying bodies, of equal importance for other international markets as we provide certifications for our processes:

Colombian Organic Standard, USDA Organic NOP, Bio Suisse, Ecocert, QAI JAS Standard, Jewish Community Kosher Standard, Rainforest Alliance, EAFAPA Korea, BASC Standard and ISO 2008.


Products Natural Organic RSPO Rainforest
Crude palm oil
Soft palm oil shortening
All purpose palm oil RBD
All purpose palm oil shortening
Palm oil shortening 39
Palm oil shortening 42
Palm oil shortening 45
Palm olein
Soft palm stearin
Mid hard palm stearin
Hard palm stearin


Products Natural Organic RSPO Rainforest
Crude palmkernel oil
Blanched palmkernel oil
RBD palmkernel oil
Crude palmkernel olein
RBD palmkernel olein
Palmkernel stearin