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Honey Production With Small Producers

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10/May/2017 09:03

The creation of an apiary on the Tequendama Farm emerged as an initiative aimed at multiplying bee populations and supporting the processes of pollination required by the neighboring agricultural areas and the green cover of the oil palm context. But it quickly became a support strategy to promote beekeeping as an economic activity, articulated to the agricultural farm of the small supplier of fresh fruit of palm. 


At the moment, a pilot is being carried out with thirty (30) palm producers in whose farms native bee production (melipona) have been established in order to determine the potential of the palm oil agroecosystem to shelter and maintain the colonies; while at the same time, gaining experience and knowledge about the management of the insects. The activities are being carried out with the support of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) funds, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Colombian Federation of Palm Oil growers (Fedepalma).


The Tequendama Farm apiary already had its first harvest, and the first samples were sent to customers located in the United States. The purpose is to aggregate commercially all the products sourced from our larger units with the smallholders that have their hives as an economic diversification strategy.

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