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BIOdance: Human Affection at the core of the learning process

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10/May/2017 09:18

Strengthening affectivity, defined as the capacity to give and receive love, is one of the objectives pursued by the Bio-dance workshops held every two weeks with mothers of families and teachers of the Institución Educativa Centro Pedagógico del Caribe - Pelechúa chapter, in the municipality of Riohacha (La Guajira). They are part of our project known as "Children, a step to the middle", aimed at generating the proper school context that allows the formation of human beings integrated within and with the capacity to integrate harmoniously into their society.


Bio-dance is the human growth system created by Chilean psychologist and anthropologist Rolando Toro, described as "the poetics of the encounter" and whose goal is to strengthen the genetic potential of human beings - vitality, affectivity, creativity, sexuality and transcendence -, to integrate them all.


At the same time as the Bio-dance workshops are carried out, a psychosocial component is being developed, whose main purpose is to provide guidance that will allow mothers, parents and teachers to adequately support the child's affective training. Local specialists in areas of psychology contribute to strengthen spaces in which, traditionally, there is a meeting of the entire educational community, such as the PTA’s.


The project cycle ends with workshops of art and literary creation that facilitate children's artistic expression and allow, through projective analysis, to monitor the changes that the project is generating in the lives of families and in school


The initiative is implemented by the Banana Workers Foundation - FLOTRABAN - and the Social Management Area of the DAABON Group. It was proposed in order to contribute to reduce the incidence of school and family aggression situations; the neglect of children in the first years of the school stage and, in general, absence of parents from the process of growth.

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